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Knowing General Information About The Condition of a Home Before The Agreement is a Wise Move! 


Doing Your Own Mini Home Inspection Before Getting Everybody Set To Go Can Save Yourself Time And Money!

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I have done a lot of home inspections in the Atlanta area and have determined that buyers should be acute and do their homework when looking at homes to buy. Although most sellers are honest people who are simply selling a home, there are others who are not so honest. Also, it appears that the disclosure form cannot and does not guarantee you will be told the whole truth about the homes history and all conditions that may exist. Therefore, there should be a little experience at doing a pre-inspection yourself before beginning the process.

Paris doing a energy efficiency inspection of a furnace in a attic.

Do a Do-It-Your-Self Mini Home Inspection Before Calling The Real Inspector! 

You may have to look at several properties to get the best home for you and your family! Finding the best home also depends on where you want to stay, how much you want to pay and how old or new it is. Once you are pass this point, then it is time to choose the homes you want to look at

Once you have selected a home to visit, make sure you have the time to casually walk around the exterior to see all sides from the roof to the ground. Have pencil and paper to record your findings. Look at the quality of the construction and how well the exterior materials, components and systems are installed. Pay close attention to conditions that can cause other conditions (defective gutters, damaged driveways and walkways, trees too close to the building, poor grading, noise and air polution, health hazards...). 

When looking at a existing home's interior, look for things like defects in walls or poor wall finishing that may indicate repairs have been made. Take a close look at the ceilings in each room to see if visible repairs have been made or there are patch spots. If the ceilings are stippled or textured look for inconsistant patterns in the finish. Look for floor popping, squeaking, weak, settling, uneven or sagging floors. This may indicate movement in the floor system, defective framing or defective repairs. Look for defective trims and moldings (open joints, poor connections, different pieces, short pieces on long lengths...). 

Make notes of any conditions found so that you can review and compare with other homes you may have visited. 

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There Are Many Homes Being Sold That Are Not a Good Buy!

Any house can look very nice in a photo or during a drive-by but have major defects when looked at on a micro scale. New and existing homes can have unique problems or hidden conditions accordingly.

Some of the things to be considered major defects for existing homes are structural damage, visible and hidden water and or termite damage, defective roofs and roof components, defective or improper additions or improvements, aging appliances (water heaters, furnaces, plumbing...) nearing the end of use or in need of repair or replacement, defective building materials, uneven settling or movement in floors, cracks in ceilings and walls indicating movement, differential building movement, and improper or unauthorized repairs to name a few.

Many buyers think that a county or city building inspection for a new house or house newly remodeled is the same as a private inspection. It is not and there is a world of difference from a private inspection. The city or county inspector reviews the general structure and building mechanicals. They do not put emphasis on quality, neatness or quantity. In many cases, there are several cosmetic defects that go unnoticed. It is not a detailed inspection and precise examination of each and every component like the private inspector performs.

A new home can have construction issues like structural defects (missing framing components, improper framing...), defective concrete slabs, poor grading, missing fasteners at wall, floor and roof sheathing, defective roof system components and installation, defective drywall installation, defective painting and more.   

This is a short list of some of the common conditions found in homes and most can be reviewed during your site visit or your inspection. Doing your own simi inspection can help you decide if the home you selected is worth moving forward with buying.

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