Condos & Townhouses

Condos & Town Houses


Condo & Townhouse Inspection in Atlanta, Georgia

A Unique Inspection for Each Property

Because each condo or townhouse is unique, with different histories, each property can have different issues and problems. That’s why each of our inspections is unique to your specific property; we check each component and system, including electrical, plumbing, HVAC, drywall and more for every property to ensure no problem goes undetected.


We care about providing the best home inspection possible, so you can know the true condition of the condo or townhouse you are buying. During our inspection, we’ll check the walls, floors and more to ensure their quality and notify you of any problems we find.

Schedule Your Inspection

Be an informed condo owner with a clear report from our condo and townhouse inspector. If you are looking at a new condo or townhome, contact us today to schedule an inspection.

Helping You Know the Condition of your Investment

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