Infrared Scanning & Energy Auditing

Infrared Scanning & Energy Auditing


Infrared Scanning & Energy Auditing in Atlanta, Georgia

Detecting Hard-to-find Issues

Infrared scanning can identify issues with energy loss by detecting heat loss and air infiltration through walls, ceilings, doors, windows and floors and by revealing air conditioner compressor leaks and broken seals in double-paned windows. It can also help us detect moisture intrusion issues stemming from plumbing and other leaks and potentially dangerous hotspots that help us find broken circuit breakers, overloaded circuits and overloaded electrical components.  Based on the thermal imaging provided by infrared scans, we can also identify areas of possible pest infestation hiding in the structure.


Conventional inspection methods can reveal a lot about your home, but they can’t reveal every issue. That’s where infrared scanning comes in. Infrared scanning allows us to see problems that can’t be found using traditional methods, giving you a more complete, in-depth inspection.

Your Infrared Service Experts

Our team has the training and advanced equipment required to perform top-quality Infrared inspections for your home. Contact us today to schedule your inspection. 

Providing In-Depth Inspections You Can Trust

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