Older Homes

Older Homes


Historic Home Inspection in Atlanta, Georgia

Verifying an Historic Home's Condition

If you are looking to buy an older home, we want to make sure it will continue to last. That’s why when we inspect a historic home, we specifically look for termite damage, water damage and moisture intrusion, wood rot and other decay. We also inspect all of the house electrical, plumbing and other systems along with the floors and framing elements. We are committed to giving you all the information you need to know if your historic home will continue to last for many years to come.


Throughout the Atlanta area, there are beautiful, historic homes that were built over a century ago. These homes are designed and built from materials that are designed to last, but time, nature and previous occupants can still take a toll on historic homes. 

Choosing Your Historic Home

With our older home inspection service, we’ll help you make the right choice for your historic home. Call us today to schedule an inspection.

We Have Experience You Can Trust to Inspect Your Historic Home

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